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Short Lectures

Lecture Series


  1. On the Failed Quest for the Historical Jesus
  2. On the Growth of Christianity
  3. The Smell Test
  4. On the Parallels Between Mark and the Psalms
  5. On the Parallels Between Matthew and Daniel

  1. On the Non-Historicity of The Patriarchs, Moses, and Daniel
  2. On Alexander The Great and Jesus
  3. On Jesus and Inanna
  4. On Hellenistic Mystery Cults

  1. On Transcription Errors
  2. On the Story of the Adulteress Woman in John
  3. On the Ending of Mark
  4. On the Diverse Views of Early Christians
  5. An Early Case of Mythicism
  6. Related Lecture

Fragments Coming Soon

  1. On the Emperor Cult of Ancient Rome
  2. On Demons
  3. On the Question of Why Jesus founded Christianity
  4. On an Apologists’ Accusation
  5. On Historical Crucifixion
  6. On Historical Burial

  1. The Mythic Hero Archetype
  2. On the Discrepant Traditions of Jesus’ Life and Death and On the Attempts to Historicize Mythological Figures
  3. On the Parallels between Jesus’ Baptism and the beginning of Zoroaster’s ministry and On the Parallels between John the Baptist and Jesus, and Elijah and Elisha
  4. On the Midrashic Paralles between Jesus’ Calming of the Storm and Johah 1:4-6 and Psalms 107:23-29—and on the Parallels Between Jesus’ Calming of the Storm and Odyssey
  5. On the Midrashic Parallels between Jesus Feeding the Crowds 2 Kings 4:42-44—and on the Parallels Between Jesus Feeding the Crowds and Odyssey
  6. On the Parallels between Jesus Walking on Water and Homer’s Iliad
  7. On the Midrashic Parallels between James and John’s Request and 2 Kings 2:9,10
  8. On the Midrashic Parallels between the Crucifixion and Psalm 22
  9. On the Parallels between John the Baptist’s Beheading and Odyssey
  10. On D.F. Strauss’ Axiom

  1. On the Quest for a Historical Jesus and Flawed Methodology

Miscellaneous Fragments and Material

  1. Ronald Hendel on the Problem of Apologetics Passing as Scholarship
  2. Robert Funk on the Historicity of Jesus
  3. James D.G. Dunn on Myths in the New Testament
  4. Robert M. Price on Higher Criticism vs. Apologetics
  5. Jesus the Sorcerer submitted by Robert Conner
  6. Thomas Brodie on Josephus
  7. Margaret Barker On Yahweh, El Elyon and Jesus
  8. Arthur Drews on Jesus as Myth
  9. Marshall Gauvin on Mythicism
  10. Dale Allison on Skepticism of Historicity and its Relation to Theology


Useful Sites and Articles



  1. On the Higher Criticism of Islam and Christianity’s influence on Islam
  2. On Jesus, the Muhammad
  3. On Contradictions in the Hadith
  4. On the Christology that Influenced the Qur’an
  5. On the Unreliability of the Qur’an
  6. On the Nonexistence of Muhammad

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