Historical Arguments

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2

Philosophical Arguments

Anthropological Arguments

  1. Narakas vs. Hell
  2. The Evolution of Hell
  3. Zoroastrianism and Christianity
  4. Mithraism and Christianity
  5. The Epic of Gilgamesh vs. The Flood
  6. Christ and Osiris

Counter-Apologetics: Refuting Philosophical Arguments for God

The Moral Argument Refuted

  1. The Immoral God
  2. Ancient Legal Texts (see in Historical Arguments)
  3. Ethics Page

The Ontological Argument Refuted

  1. Modal Theistic Arguments by Graham Oppy
  2. The Modal Anti-Ontological Argument

The Teleological/Fine-Tuning Argument Refuted

  1. The Fine-Tuning Argument by Theodore M. Drange
  2. Analysis of the Teleological Argument
  3. A Simple Rebuttal:  Paley’s Teleological Argument
  4. Is the Universe Fine-Tuned for us? by Victor Stenger (related video)
  5. The Fine-Tuning Argument Against God

The Cosmological Argument Refuted

  1. God and Cosmology: William Lane Craig and Sean Carroll (Debate)
  2. A Bug in William Lane Craig’s Kalam Cosmological Argument
  3. A Big Bang Cosmological Argument for God’s Nonexistence
  4. Can Everything Come to be Without a Cause?
  5. The Other Side of Time
  6. Causation and the Logical Impossibility of a Divine Cause
  7. Dispositions, Causality, and the Kalam Cosmological Argument
  8. A Simple Rebuttal:  Kalam Cosmological Argument
  9. Countering the Kalam

The Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism Refuted

  1. Naturalism, Evolution and True Belief by Stephen Law
  2. Plantinga’s Probability Arguments Against Evolutionary Naturalism by Branden Fitelson and Elliott Sober

Other Arguments Refuted

  1. Rebel Against God?
  2. Atheism is too Simple?
  3. Cannot Believe in Thought?
  4. C.S. Lewis Was Never An Atheist
  5. Tri-Refutation of C.S. Lewis

Recommended Books


  1. On the Irrelevance of Religion and Theology, the Principles of Scientific Methodology and the Ability of Science to Better Explain the Universe
  2. On Virtual Particles
  3. Related Lecture

  1. On the Disputes Concerning the Authenticity of Books Considered for Canonization
  2. On Docetists (A Group of Allegedly Heretical Early Christians)
  3. On Marcion and His Belief in Two Gods
  4. On the Rapture
  5. On Reading the NT as OT Midrash
  6. Related Interview

  1. On Moses and the Authorship of the Pentateuch
  2. On the Patriarchs
  3. On the Exodus
  4. Related Documentary Series

Fragments Coming Soon


Fragments Coming Soon

Fragments Coming Soon

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