Useful Sites and Articles



Short Lectures

Lecture Series




  1. On Humean and Kantian Ethics
  2. On Humean Conventions
  3. On Kantian Constructivism
  4. On Kant’s Predispositions
  5. On Kant’s Realm of Ends
  6. PDF Version

  1. On the Cosmological Argument and Moral Realism

Fragments Coming Soon

  1. On Aristotelian Necessities and the Necessity of Morality
  2. On Nietzschean Nihilism

Fragments Coming Soon

Fragments Coming Soon

  1. On the Sociality of Higher Mammals and the Neuroendocrinological Basis of Morality
  2. On the Emergence of Monogamy and the Social Root of Moral Norms
  3. On the Common Nature of Social and Moral Behavior
  4. On Marc Hauser’s Moral Organ
  5. On The Golden Rule

Miscellaneous Fragments and Material

  1. Steven Pinker on Morality
  2. Lawrence Krauss on Divine Command Theory
  3. Sam Harris on Christianity and Morality
  4. Julian Baggini on God and Morality

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