“The Definitive Case Against Christianity: Life After The Death Of God” is Available to Purchase!

Book description: In this book, a former Christian, author of Philosophical Atheism: Counter Apologetics and Arguments For Atheism, presents a decisive case against Christianity. A multidisciplinary approach, one that employs the insights of history, anthropology, the sciences, and philosophy, is used to debase Christianity while bolstering the case for naturalism. The central claims of Christianity are taken to task and evidence is provided to show that the claims are not true. Humanism is offered as the way forward for self-actualized human societies and as means to alleviate the issues we face.

Book length: Nine chapters, 332 pages. Table of Contents can be found here. The finalized Table of Contents is slightly different from that, but that is negligible. 

The Amazon description for Kindle and Paperback are currently under review for a misspelling; the same applies to the back cover of the book. The corrections should be made within the next 24 hours. If the issue doesn’t bother you, feel free to purchase today! Happy reading and please leave a review once you are done reading.

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